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Fox Sports Opener

Post Production / Digital Pictures

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Foxtel – THINK
Post: Fin Design EP: Alastair Stephen
Rising Seas
As the planet warms, the sea rises. Coastlines flood. What will we protect? What will we abandon? How will we face the danger of rising seas? via…national…
The Next Space Shuttle
Hybrid engines make runway to orbit missions a reality…via popsci Cover and future story artwork for Popular Science Magazine
The BIO Revolution
BioPrint – How Doctors Print Organs From Living Tissue….via popsci Cover artwork for Popular Science Magazine
Vertical Takeoff
Engineers are designing the first major addition to the U.S. VTOL fleet in more than two decades. The plans are mostly secret, but the craft will likely draw from…
AMP SMSF Solutions Creative: Collider Post: Heckler Executive Producer: Alastair Stephen
SpaceX Falcon 9 (1.1) Heavy
Rewiring the Brain. Cover artwork and animation for Popular Science Magazine
DNV KEMA and Captains of Industry Advertising approached kollected for the online campain.
How to build a Hero
Humans regularly lose their lives rushing into disaster zones. Now engineers are racing to build robots that can take their place. Story by Erik Sofge…
Alcohol Think Again
By representing the human brain as an infinite world of precise clockwork, SV supplied an artistic interpretation of the damage that is caused by alcohol…via…
tvc, cgi 
Corvette 2014
Cover and Future story concept illustrations for Car and Driver magazine.
The Deep Space Suit
Biosuit . Astronauts can only travel so far in existing space suits. What will it take to see the universe? story by Erik Sofge…via popsci
Ocean Power
When the Navy needs to surprise and overhelm an inland enemy, it can send in the new Zumwalt-class destroyer. The most technologically advanced warship ever…
LIGHT SPEED How a tiny group of designers build the most efficient racecar in history. Story by Preston Lerner…via popsci Cover artwork and Animation for…
Robot Strike Craft
How the first autonomus strike plane will land on aircraft carriers, navigate hostile airspace and change the future of flight…via popsci
The Invention Issue
Innovation Goes Viral, article by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler…via popsci
Titanic 100 Years
Working closely with James Cameron’s team and National Geographic to create visuals for the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Credits / /…
The Future of Aviation
The New Age of Flight. Super-Quiet Supersonic Jetliners and the Future of Commercial Air Travel…via popsci
Electric Racing
BYU Streamliner
Artificial Heart
No Pulse. How Doctors reinvented the human heart… via popsci
Comet NASA
Project Comet NASA
Mars Rover Curiosity
Mars Rover Curiosity Landing on Mars for National Geographic
New Science of Stealth
Invisible Warriors. How engineers are deploying breakthroughs in materials science and artificial intelligence to make everything from planes to subs to…
Data is Power
Data is Power. How information is driving the future… via popsci
The Search for Alien Life
New missions and discoveries on Earth, within our solar system and beyond are bringing us closer than ever to finding alien life on other planets… via popsci
Future Automotive 2
The System of the World Sea change… A new generation of designers is re-imagining how container ships can move more things more places, more quickly… via…
Air France / NY Times
What Happened to Air France Flight 447?…via nytimes CGI Illustration for New York Times mag.
3D WORLD Publication
It’s been an honor and privilege to be on the cover and future article of 3D World magazine.
Ocean Power
Ocean Power illustration for National Geographic Magazine
How it Works
Crash dummy on the edge! How the next generation of sensor-packed devices gather 70,000 data per second to make cars safer for flesh-and-blood humans…via…
Multigeneration Ships
After Earth. The case for populating the universe and how we’ll get there… via popsci
Rise of the Machines
SCIENCE FICTION Even as we imagine the day when robots finally turn against us, scientists are at work on how to control them… via popsci
Mission to Mars
Mars in 39 days. The space shuttle, or anything built in its image, is far too slow to get astronauts anywhere beyond the moon alive. Veteran astronaut Franklin…
City (e) Scape
Secret Weapons
Secret Military Technology in the Age of Terrorism. The Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, an unmanned reconnaissance drone, is the most recent aircraft to emerge…
Wind Turbine
Next Generation Wind Turbine Technology
Future Automotive 1
Inspired by the original concept of Daniel Schumpert (slides 1 and 2) and Robert Engelmann (slides 3 and 4)
The Urban Remodeler, a Mitchell Joachim Vision.
Inventions of the year
Dyson Fan
Dyson Fan for NY Times Editorial
Deus Ex Machina
Next Gen Bombers
Future of Sports
NASA’s Next Spacesuit
Velocity Aircraft
About Knowledge
Hybrid Electric
Volvo Hybrid Electric
NASA Sub Explorer
LAPCAT Hypersonic
Green Energy
HTV X3 Unmanned Aircraft
Earth Rescue
Next Gen Blackhawk
How it Works > F35-B
Memorize Lens
Robotic Army
Cancer Killers
Green House
Hypersonic QSST
Aurora Project
Urban Futuristic
Predator C Avenger
Orion on Asteroid
Space Diver
Laser Weapons
Deep Flight 2
Rocket Racing League
Electric Pump!
Fox Sports Opener
Post Production / Digital Pictures Concept / Style Frames
RL World Cup > Heroes
Post Production > engine
Post Production > engine
Ten Network > Promos
Post Production > engine
Fox Sports – Cricket
Post Production > engine
Post Production > engine
U Platinum
Writer: Colin Sevitt Art Director: Matt Johnson Director: Marcelle Lunam Producer: Catherine Warner, Plush Films Post Production > engine
Post Production > engine
Jim Beam – Small Batch
Post Production > engine
Discovery Real Time
Real Time Workshop Post Production > engine

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